Driven by my great love for fashion and design and my appreciation of craftsmanship, I started designing handbags and introduced my eponymous handbag brand Chrysi Z. in 2018. Inspired by my own personal style, I wanted to create refined and timeless essentials, with the prefect size and proportions to accompany their owners from morning till evening. My bags’ signature style mix is that of flawlessly symmetrical scales, with a focus on shape and clean lines and a dynamic and unexpected use of colour. All collections are comprised of limited-edition pieces, while each hand-embroidered bag is one of a kind.

From designing to finding the right materials, creating a Chrysi Z. piece is a long process. My collections are expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans in my native Greece, with the utmost precision and care using high quality Italian leather and metal hardware components, semi-precious stones, silk thread, silk lining and luxurious velvet.

At the centre of the brand lies the precious intricate embroidered line called ‘Lena’. All the embroideries are crafted by hand by my exceptionally talented mother. She uses traditional techniques that ensure the continuation of traditions, putting forward fresh ideas with new applications. Each hand-embroidery is finely crafted and unique, thread by thread and bead by bead, taking days and even weeks to be completed. They truly celebrate craftsmanship and design over transient trends.

Did you know that ancient Greek mythology has credited Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, with passing down the art of embroidery along with weaving, leading to a competition between herself and Arachne, a mortal weaver who challenged the goddess?

Hyper-classic and timeless, distinct and refined, polished and artisanal is the signature mix I wish my bags to conceptualize, addressing to those who seek pieces that embody modern femininity, blending functionality with elegance and refinement.

Since I can remember myself, I have always been attracted to refined and elegant objects and knew that I somehow wanted to translate this into a profession. Life though took me somewhere else and I spent my academic and professional years studying and later working in business, initially in my native Greece, then in Brussels and finally in Zurich, where I have been living for the past few years with my partner.

In 2018 I decided to combine my love and attraction for anything aesthetically beautiful with my business background and founded my brand, Chrysi Z. My desire is to create my very own micro-world, a brand and an online destination where one could shop for uniquely alluring handcrafted pieces. The brand addresses to anyone who shares similar aesthetics and taste, since everything you see here is strictly something I would wear.

Chrysi Z. limited edition handbag collections are designed by me, hand-embroidered by my talented mother and skillfully handcrafted by bag artisans that carry decades of expertise in Greece. I have chosen to work with Greek craftsmen who share my passion for quality, elegance and the art of craftsmanship. In the heart of the brand lies the art of embroidery. The brand’s embroidered designs that adorn some of the bags require many weeks of intricate beadwork and each piece is unique. All bags are made of fine Italian leather and are produced in an artisanal way. Crafted by hand, from conception to creation, the result is distinct and elegant pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and design over transient trends.

In addition, on the online shop you can also find a highly curated collection of semi-precious jewelry pieces of designers from across the world that capture a refined aesthetics. All pieces are handcrafted using the finest of materials and were personally chosen by me.

I welcome you in an alluring world of refined aesthetics.

Chrysa Z.

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