Summer Statement Yellow Gold Earrings Haul

Since I started wearing jewelry, I have been exclusively wearing yellow gold pieces. Maybe it’s because yellow gold compliments my light tan/ olive skin tone so nicely, I got to admit, I do not even remember that silver exists too! Not to mention yellow gold’s tan-enhancing properties – it looks so beautiful on tan skin during summertime.

What has been trending for quite some time now on Instagram is yellow gold adorned with pearls and seashells or gemstones. Incorporating such pieces into your everyday look will give you those feel-good summer vibes, as if you are spending all days by the sea.

In the season of less is more, during the months that your – tan – skin is your best accessory, choose pieces that will get you glowing like it’s golden hour on an Aegean island.

All the earrings below are a selection from our jewelry collection and are available for purchase.

XXX, Chrysa

(*All images apart from those of the earrings were found on Pinterest)